A. Sabella, Sea Food
c. 1938-1943
1.5 in WIDE
(3.81 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jerry Cimino

A. Sabella, Sea Foods, Fisherman's Wharf

The outside of this matchbook is blue, printed in metallic gold. On the front, under the portrait of a large fish: "A. Sabella, Sea Foods, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco." One the top: "Visit our Cocktail Lounge." Printed on the back: "The Name Sabella has assured sea food perfection and satisfaction for two generations. Phone OR 1631." Inside, printed in black: "When dining out SABELLA'S FISH GROTTO, Phone OR 1631 For Reservations. When at home order from our 'take home counter' 'Deliveries OR 2824-5. If it swims we have it."

Used: souvenir | Advertising | Smoking

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