Three birds with glass dome. Description: Three stuffed birds on twig with small green nest, topmost is hummingbird with green throat, yellow canary, blue bird with turquoise crown with black tail, wings and mantle and very large eyes, mounted on circular wooden base with three round feet, topped with large clear glass dome. a: Birds and base. b: Glass dome with large bubble. Dimensions: a: 18" x 10-3/4" diameter. b: 18 1/2" x 9" diameter. Condition: Good, canary appears to have had a hard night and needs his hair combed, hummingbird beat his wings too quickly and feathers are falling out, large wing and tail feathers of bluebird are missing, some have fallen to base. Remarks: OPM? Canary 8/982, hummingbird 8/993, bluebird, 8/984. Not a bluebird as previously cataloged. Indentified as a red-legged honey creeper by Douglas Long on 5/10/2010.

Used: decoration

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