Monument Rock, Mouth Of Echo Canon from The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent
18.125 HIGH x 12.875 WIDE
(46.04 HIGH)
Gift of George E. Arnott

"Plate 31. Monument Rock, Mouth Of Echo Canon" printed below the image in capitalized letters.

This is a single page from "The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photogrpahic Views Across the Continent" that contains an albumen print photograph.

The print shows a landscape with a tall vertical rock being the focal point. A man is standing near the bottom right of the rock. There are bushes throughout the landscape.

"The geological formation received its name, not only for its appearance, but also because it marks approximately the 1000 mile mark from Ohama, Nebraska. It was also called dog rock because of the dog-like appearance of the top of the rock." Information source is from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, March 5, 1870, p.120. Remarks per Glenn Willumson for the NEA Russell Grant, July 2013 - June 2015.
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