ca. 1974
Gift of Mrs. Hattiemay Brooks

Fan's baseball cap. Description: Fan's baseball cap, green felt with 6 green metal eyelets in crown, topped with green felt button, patch on front with white embroidered "A". Condition good. Dimensions: 10 5/8" x 7 1/4" x 5". History: Oakland "A's" baseball fan's cap. From the History Information Station: Object: Two baseball patches; three baseball caps. History: In 1958, Major League baseball came to the west coast when the New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers moved their long and exciting cross-town rivalry across the country to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Several years later other teams joined them; the Athletics moved to Oakland from Kansas City, teams were founded in Seattle and San Diego, and an American League team joined the Dodgers in the Los Angeles area. In 1989 the first Bay Bridge Series was held between the Giants and A's. Gifts of Mrs. Hattiemay S. Brooks and Grace Stoval; Museum Purchase

Used: Edwin R. Brooks | Richmond | Oakland A's | Oakland

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