71 in WIDE
(180.34 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Claire Elliott

"American Quilts: A Handmade Legacy," Great Hall, Jan 12 - Apr. 1, 1981.

Quilt. Description. Quilt, blue and white cotton, 5 rows of 4 squares, each centered with a circle with rays coming from center with a name embroidered in each section. Condition: excellent. 71" x 85 1/2". History: Made by women of the First Methodist Church (24th and Broadway, Oakland) asking 10 cent donation for each signature. Quilt was later given to donor's mother, Harriet Davis Williams (Mrs. Harry C. Williams) as top "saleswoman" for "Selling the most names."

Used: bedding | First Methodist Church, Oakland | Harriet Davis Williams | Northgate/Waverly neighborhood

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