Photographs. (thirty-four) Description: Albumen photographs of Klinknerville, San Pablo at 59th and 60th Streets, Oakland, Golden Gate tract homes under construction and offered for sale. a: Two-story house exterior. "C. A. Klinkner and Robert Parke (Katherine's father?) who died 1899 at seventy-three (73) years, lived with Klinkners three years until his death. Photograph on white matting (cardboard) - some foxing. 22 x 30 1/2 cm. History: Detailed history in file. Remarks: See 76.295.1 for remarks. (On front) "C.A.K., K.V.K., & Robert Parke, Katherine's father?, died 1899 at 73 years, lived with K's at the time of death, and three years previous"; (on back) "House in Klinknerville, Oakland, ca. 1886-1887, C. A. Klinkner, Katherine Klinkner, Robert Parke"; negative also
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