Photographs. Description: Black and white photographs of people in Klinknerville, San Pablo at 59th and 60th Streets, Oakland. b: Children and man with dog in front of Dr. A. Collins' home (1890), southeast corner of 59th and San Pablo (before Klinkner home moved in from across street) Building still exists on 59th St. as of 1975. No matting. Condition: very good. 12 x 17 cm. (On back of photo) "1890, Dr. A. Collins' home, s/e cor. 59th and San Pablo, Oakland, before Klinkner home moved in from across street. Still exists on 59th St., 1975"; (note that the dog at lower right of photo is wearing an advertising blanket for Klinkner & Co., Sansome St., S.F.; note also the street sign says Klinkner and San Pablo Avenue, which is now 59th St. and San Pablo); negative also Remarks: Collection of photographs, artifacts from three generations of Klinkner Family
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