13.75 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE x 3.5 in DEEP
(34.92 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE x 8.89 cm DEEP)
Gift of Miss Virginia P. Wilson

"Frontier Medicine," Breuner Gallery, May 9 - Aug. 3, 1980.

Box containing surgical instruments. Description: a: Box, varnished wood, finely made, with red velvet lining, inside pocket in lid and two compartments in base, brass hinges and sliding hook closures. b-e: Surgical instruments in lid pocket, steel blades with french ivory handles. b: Triangular bladed knife. c: needle with scorifier. d: Minute surgical hook. e: Crescent-bladed knife. f-j: Surgical instruments in base compartments. f: Tweezers with cross-hatch outside surface, ends broken off. g: Instrument, two steel hooks held together with length of chain. h: Part of above, steel bar with holes at each end. i: Extremely sharp knife with ivory handle. j: Surgical hook with ivory handle. Condition: fair. 18 x 9 cm. History: Medical instruments belonging to donor's grandmother, Dr. Marilla Hememway Wilson, Oakland's first woman physician.

Used: Dr. Marilla Hemenway Wilson

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