China - Plate. Description: Plate, blue colored, with the image of Taft and Pennoyer Building in the center, Ebell Club at the top, the Greek Theatre on the right, Carnegie Library at the bottom, Lake Merritt on the left. Manufacturer initials appear on the back of the plate and are - "F.W. & Co., England". Condition: Excellent. 9-3/4" diameter. History: This plate was presented to the husband of the donor when he was employed by Taft & Pennoyer Co. as a gift to him. Fom the History Information Station: Object: Souvenir plate. "Taft and Pennoyer Building, Oakland." The building was built at 14th and Clay streets in 1908. History: Taft and Pennoyer was a popular department store, founded in the 1870s. Its new building became the heart of Oakland's growing retailing center. Like most California cities, Oakland grew by leaps and bounds in the first years of the twentieth century, and many large, modern buildings were erected downtown. Many souvenirs were produced to celebrate Oakland's new attractions. In 1958, the building was extensively remodeled by a new owner. The brick face and classical decorations were covered over with metal panels, concrete, and reflective glass. Later, the building became City Hall Annex. It was severely damaged in the 1989 earthquake and was slated for demolition in 1990. Gift of Margit Buntain and Robert D. Rhien

Used: Taft & Pennoyer Co. | Lake Merritt | Adams Point neighborhood

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