ca. 1890-1906
2.5 in HIGH
(6.35 cm HIGH)
Gift of Frank Frisch

"Health Perspectives in the East Bay African American Community", Northern California Center for Afro-American History and Life, 7/1/1994 - 6/30/1995

Patent medicine in box. Description: Cascarine Le Prince Laxative Pills. a: Oddly shaped clear glass bottle with metal screw on cap, filled with puffed wool and hand rolled beige pills, each stamped with name in blue. b: Printed directions for use. c-d: Box lid and base, oddly shaped cardboard covered with shiny brown and beige paper, much printing in a variety of colors. Condition: Bottle: No visible damage; box is falling apart; Paper: Deep folds, brittle, yellowed. 6.2 cms. History: Pharmaceutical supplies and merchandise from the Sandelin Drug Co. located at 7th and Willow, West Oakland. Founded in 1879 by ____Sandelin, taken over in 1920 by Oscar Frisch, father of donor, retaining old store name. Materials donated date between 1880 and 1920 and are typical of consumer products of era. Remarks: Has 1906 seal pasted over box...MWK 11-93: Box needs conservation treatment, artifact is important because herb in remedy was originally used by California Indians for same purpose, "Yankee" doctors adopted useful remedies used by California Indians, in this case it was widely sold.

Used: Cascarine Le Prince Laxative Pills | Prescott neighborhood | Sandelin Drug Co.

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