c. 1880
12 in HIGH
(30.48 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mrs. Morgan North

Underdress - Dirty, stained light blue dress with slight A-line, round neckline, and straight sleeves. All hand stitched except for bright blue machine stitching that holds up the hem. The front portion of the left shoulder has come loose from the bodice. The dress looks as if it were originally more of a shirt length, the hem was then taken down, and additional material was sewn on and hemmed. There is a slit that extends from the neckline to more than halfway down the center back, and there is a vent below it which is open at the hem. There are some rust stains from pins. Cotton fabric. Ankle length. Dimensions: f.) 7-1/2" from neck to hem, 5" from shoulder to shoulder. References/Remarks: The donor is the daughter-in-law of Emma Morgan North, the sister of architect Julia Morgan. (J. Handley, 1991) Doll is probably by Bru, but as it is unmarked, one can only guess. It appears to be like those that were marked 'Brevette,' an earlier type made by the Bru firm. The face, body and hands are all Bru characteristics.

Used: oak center neighborhood

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