44.5 in HIGH x 16 in WIDE x 23.5 in DEEP
(113.03 cm HIGH x 40.64 in WIDE x 59.69 cm DEEP)
Gift of Walt Disney Productions (Van Romans/WED Enterprises)

Mickey Mouse Figure.

Full color three dimensional figure, head and ears of black fiberglass, eyes of plexiglas, shoes of butyrate, skin and gloves of "hot melt" (vinyl), padded body over wood structure. Wearing set of clothes which are removeable: Red pants of wool flannel, black cutaway jacket of mohair, yellow satin/poly bow tie, undershirt and shirt of white poly cotton, and white vest of poly cotton.

Walt Disney came to California in the early 1920s. In 1928 he introduced Mickey Mouse in "Steamboat Willie," one of the first talking cartoons. Mickey became one of Disney's trademarks, and remains one of the most popular and enduring movie characters. Disney's entertainment empire expanded in the 1930s, when he marketed Mickey's image and name for a wide variety of products. This figure was especially made for our 20th Century exhibition, and is identical to the animated figures at Disney World in Florida and Tokyo Disneyland. 

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