Gift of Francis B. Wilson

purse. Description: ivory-colored bag with pile weave background, and warp printed satin weave pattern of roses and leaves, in shades of red, purple, and green; clasp is of "silver" metal with a chased design of flowers and leaves, both inside and out; has a push-button closure, with a small handle on opposite side; handle is an ivory-colored satin ribbon; flattened metal loops hold ribbon together, one on each side; interior is ivory-colored satin; area between satin and metal closure is embellished with floral passamentarie in peach and green. Dimensions: 9-1/4" x 10"; ribbon length 16"; Condition: excellent. History: Belonged to Mrs. William E. Dargie (nee Ermina Peralta). Pretty glorious rose patterned fabric. (Joan Severa, 3/7/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Mrs. Ermina Peralta Dargie | Afternoon

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