Gift of Francis B. Wilson

parasol. Description: one parasol, white silk with warp printed roses; has varnished wooden (possibly bamboo) handle; handle has ivory colored silk tassel at end; inside spokes are black, with ruffle of the warp printed fabric at the base; handle has ornament of brass below where tassel rests; parasol has ruffle of printed fabric at top, between the parasol proper and the tip; handle has bulbous end to it for easier handling; parasol has small strap for closing umbrella securely on edge of one tip. Dimensions: length 36 3/4"; width (closed) 10"; History: Belonged to Mrs. William E. Dargie, (nee Ermina Peralta), died c. 1927. This is almost beautiful enough to take eyes off of the wearer, possibly French. (Joan Severa, 3/14/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Ermina Peralta Dargie | Sun

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