2 in HIGH x 4 in. WIDE x 9.75 in. DEEP
Gift of Kathleen Dibble

pr. of shoes. Description: pr. of white satin wedding slippers, baby Louis heel, white silk chiffon bow on either toe; a: right shoe; b: left show. Dimensions: a-b: 2-1/2" x 9 3/4" x 4" condition: excellent History: These wedding slippers were worn by the donor's grandmother, Asenath Hartson Cope - who was nick-named "Daisy" - when she got married in 1903. She was probably married in San Francisco. She was born in 1878) The shoes appear to have been purchased at Rosenthal's. Extreme toe point and good high Louis heel. Definitely wedding shoes, not slippers. Very large complicated ivory silk organza poof covers toe. (Joan Severa, 3/1/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Wedding | Asenath Hartson Cope

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