Grant, Oakland
7 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(17.78 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Gift of Jesse Lawton

California, Grant, Oakland; Hugo Weitz, Foto. 3011 Capp St., Fruitvale, Greater Oakland, Cal.

The names of all of the children in the class photo are written on the back of the cardboard mount. (K. Schriefer, 6/94) The students' names are: Madeline Glavin, Gladys Gerhardy, Eileen Kelleher, Agnes Whalum, Florence Breed, Mary Waterhouse, Bertha Noyes, Eleanor Lewis, Katharyn Smallwood, May Rush, Madeline Whalen, Marie Gotchett, Florence White, Eveline Burt, Rowena Gulling, Dorothy Perrin, Ethel Bartels, Myrtise Batchleor, Gladys Merrit, Lawrence Bollinger, Irving Basch, Erwin Melchonion, George Fortin, Fred Noyes, William Wheeler, Henry Schwartz, Milton Enigh, George Spence, Louis Callaghan, Leon Barker, George Sellwig, Ray Paull, Charles Towner, Leo McCarthy, Malcolm Hanes, Edward Hogarty, Raymond Laughpry, Glenn Reymire, Ruth Pownall, Isabella Sanderson, Marie Baher, Mildred Durman, Edna Arnest, Edith High, Felicen Nicholas, Miss M. Taylor, Elizabeth Garrelson, Irene Carrich, Helen Stevens.
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