Feb. 11, 1902
2.875 in HIGH x 4.375 in WIDE
(7.30 cm HIGH x 11.11 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Judy Soden

H. Schellhaas Dearler in New Furniture, bedding, new carpets, crockery, Best and Cheapest Place on Earth. Iron Beds, Brass Trimmings; Wire, Hair and Wool Matresses, Furniture Stored at Reasonable Rates. Corner Store, 408 Eleventh Street, Odd Fellows' Building. Storage Rooms, 34th Street and San Pablo Avenue. See Them. Oakland, Cal. Feb. 11, 1902, Received of Mr. A. W. Baker, Ten Dollars, on account , To be paid bet. the 1st and 10th of mch. 02=$10.00. $15.00 Balance Due. H. Schellhaas, Pro.Mag.

Used: Mr. A. W. Baker | Oakland | Furniture

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