Two of these were created for the 50th anniversary celebration of the commissioning of the U. S. S. Oakland, a World War II navy cruiser which was built in San Francisco by Bethlehem Shipyards. The event took place on July 17, 1993 with about 200 former crew members there, navy and Port of Oakland officials. Mickey Karpas, Curator of Technology accepted the framed commemoration on behalf of the City of Oakland. The second one was presented to the port where it will hang next to the ship model of the U. S. S. Oakland built by Peter Ratto, which was just donated to us and is now on 5 year loan to the Port Of Oakland. The mast from the cruiser and the bronze plaque commemorating it have been installed in Jack London Square.

Used: Jack London Square | Oakland | U. S. S. Oakland ~ 50th anniversary

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