Gift of Mr. Kent Schriefer

Vance Edward's Ltd., Oakland. Professionally dry clean only, use cool iron.

Man's dark brown trousers with cuffs, in seam pockets on either side, two pockets in the back; fly front fastens with a brown, nylon zipper, and a black button which fastens on the inside, and a silver colored metal hook.There are six (6) belt loops at the waist band. Slacks are made of a fabric with slubs; it might be a combination of silk and wool, or rayon. Large "Vance Edwards, Ltd., Oakland" label is stitched inside at the front. "Professionally dry clean only, use cool iron" label is stitched to the back, inside, of on of the back pockets. The inseam measurement is 31 inches.

Used: Kent Schriefer | Adult | Male | Vance Edwards, Ltd. | Oakland

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