Abbott Murder Trial
4.75 in HIGH x 3.75 in WIDE
(12.06 cm HIGH x 9.52 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

For a detailed summary of the prosecution's arguments, please see the "Remarks" screen for h96.1.1436. First full day of the trial (after the selection of the jury) of Burton W. Abbott, accused of the kidnapping and murder of 14 year-old Stephanie Bryan. Photograph of Mary Anne Stewart, of whom the Nov. 17 Oakland Tribune reported: "Mary Anne Stewart, the last person known to have seen Stephanie Bryan before the Berkeley school girl met her killer, was the state's first major witness against Burton W. Abbott." "For an hour yesterday, the 14-year-old schoolmate of Stephanie quietly answered a score of probing questions posed by both prosecution and defense. She described the last walk she shared with Stephanie. From her answers, Stephanie emerged as a scholarly, friendly school girl." "Though wearing a teen-ager's saddle shoes, sweater and skirt, Mary Anne's presentation was adult. Her poise was not once shaken from the time she was escorted into the crowded courtoom by prosecutors Frank Coakley and Folger Emerson to when she was excused by Trial Judge Charled Wade Snook....[article continues.]"

Used: Oakland Tribune

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