7.5 in HIGH x 9 in WIDE
(19.05 cm HIGH x 22.86 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

Clipping on the back, Dec. 3, 1943-- "After missing the 'target' in an initial effort, Mrs. Morley E. MacKenzie, wife of the imperial potentate of the Shrine, made this second swing which shattered the bottle and splashed champagne over the bow of the S.S. Defiance yesterday at the Moore yard." Jan. 10, 1960-- "Mrs. Morley MacKenzie, wife of the Shrine imperial potentate, shatters a bottle of champagne over the S.S. Defiance at Moore Shipyard. It was De. 30, 1943." Photo shows a woman wearing a fur coat and hat banging a bottle on the hull of a ship. The champagne is splattering all over the place. The men standing on either side of her are laughing with her.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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