9.5 in HIGH x 7.5 in WIDE
(24.13 cm HIGH x 19.05 cm WIDE)
Gift of The Emporium

Handwritten on the back of the mounting board "Jan. 5, 1944." Photo is of a window display on the Arcade at The Emporium in San Francisco during World War II. The display shows a female mannequin wearing work overalls, a scarf tied around the hair, and low-heeled tie-up shoes. Several photographs of women working in factories are on the wals and various types of gas masks are displayed on a shelf. The sign says, "You may save the life of an American Soldier. Gas Masks are needed at once! Women are needed to make them now! -You will be trained and paid while learning. -Work in comfortable, well-lighted building. -No experience required! No age limit. Apply Simmons Mattress Co. 198 Bay St., San Francisco -Mr. Yust-." According to the Emporium history file, pamphlet entitled "Album": "December 8, 1941 found The Emporium employees busily blacking out the Dome, windows and light wells, aorganizing for Civic Defense, enrolling in First Aid Classes, and saying 'Goodbye' to more and more of our employees as they entered the service. From 1942-1945 the AWVS [American Women's Voluntary Service] Bond Booth was installed on the First Floor. A two day bond drive in 1945 enabled The Emporium to send a check to the Treasury Department, the maturity value of which exceeded a quarter of a million dollars."

Used: Emporium

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