Hygeia Capsules, Registered
2.875 in|2.935 in HIGH x 2.625 in|2.75 in WIDE x .815 in|.875 in DEEP
(7.30 cm|7.45 cm HIGH x 6.67 cm|6.98 cm WIDE x 2.07 cm|2.22 cm DEEP)

Hygeia Capsules, Registered For the Cure and Prevention of the Diseases Peculiar to Women

Box for "Hygeia Capsules"; A: lid of box, white with blue printing. On the top surface, surrounding an illustration of a woman with ferns, flowers and other plants, is written "Hygeia Capsules, Registered...For the Cure and Prevention of The Diseases Peculiar to Women." On the sides of the box is written: "A Positive Cure and Sure Preventive for Leucorrhoea Whites and all Uterine and Vaginal Diseases...Disinfecting, Cleansing, Invigorating, Subdues all Inflammation, Itching, Burning, Smarting...Hygeia Capsules, Price $2.00, For Directions See Inside of Cover." Printed on the inside of the lid: "DIRECTIONS. Insert one capsule into vagina as high up as possible. Use only at night after retiring, that the dissolved powder may come in contact with all the parts, while the body is in a recumbent posture and at rest. Continue to use them in this manner until a cure is effected. CAUTION.--Do not use JUST PRIOR to copulation, for although harmless in every respect, they would under such circumstances invariably prevent conception." B: Bottom of box, white, with a small blue flange at the bottom edge (no writing/lettering). This product container was found in the home of Lillis Jane Smith Bailey (b. 1865, d. 1932) who married Rush Ogden Bailey on September 29, 1882 in New Hampton, Iowa. They came to California in 1887 and bought land in Springville. Settling their affairs in Iowa, they returned to California. At least one of Lillis' two sons (Harry and Karl) was born in Visalia. The marriage of Rush and Lillis Bailey ended in divorce, at least by the date 1902, when Rush took the second of what eventually would be four wives. Lillis did not remarry. She found employment as a telegraph operator for the Southern Pacific Railroad. She worked for them until her retirement.

Used: Lillis Jane Smith Bailey | Female | Medicine | Contraceptive | Women's issues

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