4.5 in HIGH
(11.43 cm HIGH)
Gift of the History Guild of the Oakland Museum of California

Basket bowl made by Ennis Peck, Mountain Maidu weaver. The basket is three-rod coiled on rods of gray willow; the design is unpeeled redbud and braken fern; the sewing element is peeled redbud. Mr. Peck was born in Quincy, Plumas County, in 1947, and was raised in Indian Valley. He started weaving about 25 years ago, with the twined cradleboard, which he learned from his grandmother, Nelly Peck. She also taught him to make chain necklaces when he was about 10 years old. Mr. Peck's understanding is that the Mountain Maidu are the only ones to make chain necklaces. His Aunt Lily Baker helped him to get started weaving; she is the only weaver left of the Maidu elders. He became interested in weaving because no one was carrying on this tradition.

Used: made for sale

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