Photo shows a parlor or sitting room of the Delger house. There are several silk-cushioned armchairs scattered around the room. In the center is a marble-topped oval table with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling directly over it. Against one wall is a silk cushioned sofa with an elaborate back. Two portraits, of a man and a woman, are handing just above the sofa and two landscape paintings in oval frames are hanging on another wall. Shutters can be seen through the lace drapes on the windows. The molding at the top of the walls and the ceiling are decorated with flower and vine pattern. The carpeting on the floor appears to match the pattern on the ceiling. (D. Curry, 7/30/99) Inez Brooks-Myers pointed out that this room holds a "suite of furniture." The furniture is all meant to go together. The pillows on the chairs and sofa are Chinese embroidered and the carpeting is wall-to-wall.
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