1891, Oakland Bricklayers' Association
8 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE x .375 in DEEP
(20.32 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE x .95 cm DEEP)
Gift of Anita K. Sheets

Polka, 9, 1891 O.B.A.

Large dance bid for the February 14, 1891 Oakland Bricklayers' Association dance and reception, held at Germania Hall. "Sixth Anniversary of the Oakland Bricklayers' Association, at Germania Hall on Saturday Evening, February 14, 1891. Officers...President (lilac badge) M. E. White, Vice President, J. Tevlin, Secretary, G. Townsend, Treasurer, C. Glausen, Sergeant-at-Arms, J. O'Malia. Committee of Arrangements, J. Callaghan, Chairman, G. Sharp, J. Hackett, S. Devine, W. Carter. Reception Committee (white badges) C. Clausen, J. Williams, B. Carr, T. Callaghan, M. Carroll. Floor Manager (red, white and blue badge) J. Callaghan. Floor Committee (red badges) W. Carter, T. Carey, J. Hackett, J. White, S. Devine, G. Sharp. Brunt & Co. Printers, 535 Clay St., S.F." The front of the octagon-shaped dance bid has a fancy-cut beveled edge. A cream colored plush octagon is mounted over the face of a 24 hour clock (printed in black) with "1891, O.B.A. [Oakland Bricklayers' Association] (printed in metallic gold); at the top of the clock "Polka" appears. Mounted at the bottom of the clock (between a sprig of artificial red flowers and an artificial leaf) is a miniature, artificial, red brick. This originally belonged to William Martin Ludemann (a Bricklayer, in Oakland) and his wife, Rosa Laager Ludemann, who had married in 1889. Their daughter, the donor's mother, was born in Oakland.

Used: Oakland Bricklayers' Association | Germania Hall | Oakland | Dance | Valentine's Day

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