ca. 1900
28.5 in HIGH x 13 in WIDE x 49.5 in DEEP
(72.39 cm HIGH x 33.02 cm WIDE x 125.73 cm DEEP)
Gift of A. K. Gibbs

Early California Art and History, Science Special Gallery, December 2007 - September 2009

Model of sailing vessel. Description: Model of the "Young America" a clipper ship built for trade from N.Y. to San Francisco. Built in New York, N.Y. Launched 4/30/1853. History: The "Young America" sailed into S.F. Apr. 5, 1952? Burned on way to Liverpool -- had made almost 20 voyages to S.F. On original receipt: "Lund" sailed on her and made 2 models, 1 of which we have. from the History Information Station: This meticulously detailed model reveals many of the characteristics that made clipper ships unique. Built long and narrow, clipper ships had tall masts and vast sails, making them the swiftest ships afloat. In their brief heyday before the ascendancy of steamships, the clippers vied with each other to log the fastest voyages. They naturally figured in the California Gold Rush, spiriting miners and supplies around the Horn from the East Coast. "The Young America's" fastest trip on this route was 118 days. The original Young America" was designed and constructed in New York by William H. Webb in 1853. This model's accuracy in the smallest details suggests that it was constructed by someone intimately familiar with the "Young America," perhaps a member of her crew.

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