untitled (Asian text and the sunset)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a central red image printed on white paper showing a sun shining over rolling waves with sunflowers in the foreground. Across the top of the poster, in the sky, are Asian symbols.

Die Gr_nen
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a green printed background with yellow and brown sunflowers at the top and center. At the bottom is "Die Gr_nen /

Save The Farm

Poster has blue and yellow ink printed on a green background. Centered at the top is a blue and green cornucopia graphic followed by "Save The Farm" in yellow. Below the text is a blue and yellow...

Sister garden
Late 20th century

White poster with black print. Text at the top reads "Sister / Garden." Beneath the text is a large circle with a wilted sunflower inside. The white space in the circle and image have been painted...

untitled (man weeping)

Poster has an all over black and white photograph of a man standing on the beach. In the foreground are sunflowers. The upper left has a poem, "i am a man,/ but i can cry for the fading scent of...

Peace is a Human Right
c. 1961

Poster has three children in the center kneeling around a large yellow sunflower. On the left is a boy in a brown shirt, in the center is a girl in a blue shirt holding out her hand with several...

Peace is a human right
c. 1973

Poster has an image of three children kneeling and playing with a large yellow sunflower. The child on the right is holding a black and white bird. The child in the middle is holding several seeds...


Fruit Crate Label. Description: Polychrome lithograph, photolithograph. "Orangedale Sunflower brand Valencias." Closeup of sunflower in full bloom, green leaves against black background, border...


Proof print with photograph of baseball player Frank Robinson (left) sitting in a chair at home holding the Los Angeles Times newspaper with a headline that reads, "BIG DODGER DEALS" and discusses...


Print of three large, drooping sunflowers on cream colored paper.


Body of teapot is cylindrical and made to look like a red bard with windows, a chicken, a rabbit and a dog play near the bottom. A bird flies in the foreground. Sunflowers bloom at its base. A...

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