oakland city council

Cassie Lopez
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Campaign poster for Cassie Lopez, a progressive democrat running for Oakland City Council. Poster has stylized black and white image of Lopez on a red background. White text below.

Victory To The People Of Southern Africa!
Late 20th Early 21st Century

This black poster calls for "Victory / To The People / Of Southern / Africa! / Oakland City Council: / Withdraw Investments / Right Now!". There is an outline of Southern Africa as well as a red...


Collection of political campaign material from the race for California State Assembly between Don Perata and Dezie Woods-Jones. Don Perata, former supervisor of Alameda Co., was elected. Dezie...


The short lived Oakland Oaks professional basketball team received congratulations along with Scotty Stirling for winning the American Basketball League championship for the 1968-69 season from...


Resolution of the Oakland City Coouncil , signed by Lionel L. Wilson

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