copy negative

ca. 1910

One photo album views of Oakland and its Vicinity, 27 different views of Oakland and Berkeley. 14th street in East Oakland. Street sign in picture says 23rd Avenue and Washington, not 14th Street...

ca. 1925

(Typed at foot of page) "MONTGOMERY WARD COMPANY. Located in Oakland in 1923. Since then they have doubled the size of their building and are again crowded for room."; negative also



Photographs. Description: Black and white photographs of people in Klinknerville, San Pablo at 59th and 60th Streets, Oakland. b: Children and man with dog in front of Dr. A. Collins' home (...


View of Lake Merritt and ; roof of the Hotel Oakland on 13th St., Oakland, 1916.

Boat landing - Lake Merritt taken from roof of auditorium;


"Haynes" car, old time automobile displayed at the Auto Show, Arena of the Oakland Auditorium, May 9, 1916

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