March 4, 1801

Slipper of white satin, silver buckle. Worn at the inaugural ball of President Thos. Jefferson. Mar. 4, 1801

circa 1935-1940

Pr. of slippers in box.  Description: cjild's red felt slippers (cut high like short boots) blue collar, blue pompon, blue trip at sole which is brown leather;
a: right slipper;...

circa 1937-1943

Pr. of slippers in box.  Description: tan cloth (imitation suede) lined in felt, with a printed Indian head on either toe in yellow, with red face and feathers, green hair and feathers;...

circa 1937-1943

Pr. of slippers in box.  Description: Pr. of ladies' blue felt slippers with blue ribbon trim at throat and blue and yellow looped ribbon pompon on the toes, leather soles;

1930 - 1960

Slippers. Description: blue satin slippers, 1 pair, open toe, verticle (sic) design of three "flowers" on top, mules, "Comfy" made in U.S.A., on bottom of slipper. Dimensions...

19th century

Slippers. Description: pair hand made red wool twill slippers, with large pinkish bows.


Kid slippers. Description: pair white kid "slippers" - hand made shoes, flat, size 2. Metal hearts as instep decoration. (J. Kanstein 12/1994) Original entry gives date as "early...


1 pr. white kid slippers (Ella Ford - 1870)


girl's slippers; Material: White kid with beige satin trim; Color: white; Period or Date: 1890; Description: Soft white kid leather slippers with satin binding and bow and tiny silver buckle...


Dancing slippers. Material: Kid; Shape: Similar to present day Flat; Color: White; Period or Date: Turn of the century; Country: America; Description: Seams coming apart at the sides. Sole very...


Dance slipper. Material: Kid; Shape: Tabi-style, square toe; Color: White; Period or Date: Turn of the century (crossed out) 1865; Country: America; Description: Laces down side, from ankle. One...

Lady's slippers of cream silk. Embroidered around the top & toe. Trimmed in front with narrow cream ribbon and small steel star. Flat heels.


Lady's slippers of white satin. Date 1783. Silver embroidered. Very sharp toe, long & narrow. Worn by a Breck ancestor

Infant's slipper, cloth, crude.

Cream colored evening slippers of fine kid. Trimmed with a kid bow in front and low french heels, size 5 1/2.

November 2, 1842

Slippers, tan kid (wedding). Worn by Hannah Mussey, grandmother of donor, at her wedding, Unity, Maine Nov. 2, 1842.

Antique Slippers. Lady's satin slipper, linen lined, leather sole, high heel

Slippers. White silk, hand sewed, laced.


Slippers, for lady, squared toes. Received from: Mallory's Old Curiosity Shop, New Haven, Conn. (D. Cooper 12-94) Note with shoe said "1849 trousseau."


Slippers, for lady, white satin. Received from: Mallory's Old Curiosity Shop, New Haven, Conn.


Antique slippers. Bought about 1820.


Slippers, bronze kid, (wedding) Date 1890 (crossed out) 1860 retagged A & B M. Ray 4/8/83. "Phil Herber" stamped on sole. Label inside reads "14 & 16 Rue de la Petite...


Dancing slippers. Material: Satin; Shape: Square toe, narrow shoe, 2" heel (French); Color: White; Period or Date: 1865; Country: America; Description: Satin bow on toe. Satin in fairly...


A pair of beaded mules, used by the donor, Mary Ann Quittman, as slippers when she was a child. The soles are of tan colored leather. The heels are covered with brown velveteen to match the...

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