Pink Lady Volunteer for Hospital Assistants during WW II. Consists of White muslin underdress with strawberry pink over apron. Size 20. History: belonged to Mrs. Fleishman's mother. Jumper,...

c. 1905

Police uniform. Description: dark blue Oakland Police Department uniform of fulled wool, label inside jacket reads: "B. Axel Ovlen, Tailor, Oakland, Cal."; a: coat, fastens down the...


The shorts are black, with three white stripes down the sides and a white panel that wraps around the back, from hip to hip. On the front, there is apatcs of the official logo of adidas.


The jersey is cobalt blue, with white panels on the sleeves and down the sides. On the front, there are patches of the official logo of Adidas, and the San Jose earthquakes, as well as a large...

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