Cane, curious distorted growth.

Cane, vertebrae of shark.  Orange wood head

Cane with carved snake.

Cane. Shellacked wood with bone handle; metal ring joining bone and wood; slightly tapered.

Cane, wood with crook handle, decorative scarification from cut-off branches; silver colored tip.

Stick, wooden walking stick in three pieces screwed together, metal tip at either end.


Cane made of wood. The wood came from the bow of the sprit of the old "Independence" at Goat Island in 1903 by Mr. C. P. Shockly, husband of the donor.


Rapier cane, silver mounted. Used in California by Joseph Smith, 1857

Cane made from wood of the "John Jay". The ship that brought Lafayette on second trip.

Shillalah, Irish. Probably made of blackthorn

Walking stick of wood.  Egg shape handle of different kinds & colors of wood inserted to form an oval design with a small checkerboard design on top.  A one inch sterling silver...

Cane, of wood from old "Constitution".  Ivory top, with silver mountings.  Received from:  Franklin Hawes


Cane, curious style

Walking stick, plain wood

Good condition.  Cracked near knots on handle. Some scratches and dings to length of shaft. (AJourdenais 8/234.5005)


Mixed media sculpture in three parts. All three consist of a painted brown wooden post mounted to a clear square plexi base. (A) has a blue grooved top with a blue resin pool and a block white...


Plaster and wood sculpture. Plaster head sculpted onto a wooden tripod attached to a square plywood base. Twine is visible near the eyes and forehead and hanging down from the front of the neck...

Hanging ornament composed of a wooden ring from which hang very thin ribbons, more like cords, with the colors of the rainbow. Used frquently in doors and windows. These colors are used by the...

Toy rolling pin. Description: Doll's rolling pin, wooden.

From the History Information Station:

This rolling pin is just like the real ones used by pioneer women in making pie crusts...

Golf club iron used by Mr. Henry J. Kaiser. Club has a brass colored clubhead, a steel or iron shaft and a wood squared handle with a wrapped brown leather grip.

Golf club putter used by Mr. Henry J. Kaiser. Wooden putter has a brown wrapped leather grip. Top of clubhead has a horizontal line for lining up the ball. At point of contact, clubhead has six...

Golf club wood or driver used by Mr. Henry J. Kaiser. Wooden driver has a wrapped brown leather grip. Clubhead has an aluminum plate at bottom screwed in with four screws. Flat point of contact...

Golf club wood used by Mr. Henry J. Kaiser. Club has a wood shaft and a and a brown leather wrapped grip. Flat portion of clubhead, where club makes contact with the ball, has a yellow trapazoid...


This is a plaque from the California Coaches Association inscribed "1981 Hall of Fame George Powles."

This is a Certificate of Appreciation from the American Legion to George Powles.

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