c. 1900-1910

Doll. Description: bisque head, composition body, wooden ball joints, maker: J. D. Kestner, Germany; blond wig, brown eyes, open mouth with teeth; body jointed at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips...


Deerskin Picture w/frame. Description: White Deerskin dance picture with wood frame. pained by "Lefty" Wild Eagle 1964. Remarks: Not for Use Storage:N.W.CA., tribe unk. (Lower Klamath River...

1 Photo of Leland Stanford Family

c. 1969

From the History Information Station:

"Object: Wooden hand drill shaft with chert drill bit attached to shaft with sinew. The shaft was manufactured for this exhibit. The drill bit (16....

collected May 21-29,1911

Pump drill, for perforating wampum

"Made of wood with leather stap attached from top of drill to both ends of cross bar. Metal tip."(Reggiardo)[vv,6/91]

"Nicely carved cross bar,...


Carved wooden crutch that has a large dollar sign in the cernter. The crutch is lacqured with a metallic green. The top has an arm pad and the bottom has a rubber tip. Top back has a small brass...

mid 20th century

This is a rectangular wooden frame constructed with a woodworking technique that uses interlocking wooden sticks. The frame contains a black and white photograph of the maker, Ole Swanson,...


Wooden arm chair with tan upholstered seat and back cushions. The back of the chair has a round arch, which is inlaid with a red and gold painted circular plaque decorated with carved lilies....

mid 20th century to late 20th century

This is a small wooden chest constructed using a band saw and joined with adhesive. The chest has three drawers lined with blue felt. The front panels of the drawers are dyed red and each has a...


This is a mixed media sculpture composed of metal spoons mounted on dark felt in a wooden display frame. There are two rows of four spoons, each stamped with the phrase "I DON'T KNOW" across the...


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1933 NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1894 ARTIST DEATH: 1954

circa 1965
stereopticon machine
20th century

"wood cabinet w/metal legs & furnishings, glass windows; owl & lion designs, angel finials." [green info sheet] (A): stereopticon cabinet; (B): metal viewer hood, attaches at...

early 1970s

This is a wooden painting box used by Hung Liu. The box has three extendable legs attached to one side that fold up parallel to the box when not in use. The box opens lengthwise to show a...

late 20th century to early 21st century

This is a paintbrush used by Squeak Carnwath.

20th century

This is a box constructed with a woodworking technique that uses interlocking wooden sticks. The box has a pyramid-shaped lid (B) that fits on a rectangular base (A). The base has long vertical...

late 20th century to early 21st century

This is a palette knife with a wooden handle used by Squeak Carnwath.


This is a wooden shuttle that was used for weaving by Kay Sekimachi. A wooden bobbin wound with black linen thread is integrated into the center of the shuttle. The bobbin spins on a metal rod...

19th century

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