Rock Cup

Handbook selection, 1984.


Rectangular wooden box with 25 marshmallows inside


This is a red fiberglass horse painted with metal leaf paint. It stands on a round wood platform which is motorized and turns around.


Mixed media installation of Mickey Mouse and four circles of different size and color


Mixed media model of a penguin with a cotton fabric background printed with an Arctic snow scene in a wall mounted wood and glass diorama case


Assemblage is compiled from a black circular backboard with concentric white lines with various game balls and buttons representing the solar system.


Mixed media sculpture that includes a wood table (A), wood knife with text handwritten in pencil (B), paintbrush (C), green Gillette Blue Blades box (D), black wire with a 1977 $5 dollar bill (E...


This object is a soft sculpture resembling a battered cardboard box. Dyed muslin and cotton batting are assembled over a wood support to form a rectangular box with several flaps that are bound...


A large rectangular plywood support has multiple curved pieces of metal nailed to its surface with steel brads. Metal pieces have light-colored polychrome surface with both metallic and flat...

On the Way to Wales

Wooden wall hanging sculpture. Sculpture has a large square at bottom, painted with white, blue and yellow dots, with two recessed rectangles. The framed recessed rectangle is painted with black...


Mixed media wall hanging sculpture. Bottom section is a large square painting, set on the diagonal, of two dogs in a basket hanging inside a mining shaft. Text around dogs says, "CONDEMNED FOR...


Sculpture of a human figure which appears to be singing and holding a musical instument. The figure is of a black, burnished clay on a wood stand


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1950 NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1896 ARTIST DEATH: 1983


Base is a large plank of wood whose surface is carved with the flat image of an ax and a three-dimensional stump.. A large branch is attached at one end of the board and curves upward. A carved...


Wooden sculpture incorporating a tree branch. Figure with webbed feet stands on rounded base. Body includes five carved hands painted with insects and pierced with small nails. Carved green duck...


This is an installation consisting of 17 bottles on a wall shelf. There are 6 green, 5 white, and six blue wax bottles arranged on a white shelf. Each bottle has a different phrase in gold leaf...


This is a white plaster model of a proposed kiln structure.

c. 2003

Tall carved wook painted wood sculpture

c. 2003

Tall carved wook painted wood sculpture

20th century

painted redwood


Orange bird-like figure with a single eye and two tusks. Two mouths are painted on, one at chest and one at groin. Figure has a long tail and long thin arms and legs. Each arm has three fingers....


Abstract figure holding circular object on a rectangular base. Polychrome surface in geometric pattern outlined in black.

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