Poster has a white background overall. Poster is printed with a large, colorful stylized drawing. The drawing has a tan background with many small yellow spirals. The drawing has a scalloped...

untitled (1993 Frog Calendar)

Poster is printed on white paper. The poster has two frog designs that are mirror images. The bottom has a 1993 calendar. On the left side is an African myth about the frog and the impala. Below...

untitled (smoking bear)
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white/cream paper. Background is green with a repeated tree design. There is a block of black Cyrillic text on the left side of the poster. On the right side of the poster is...

untitled  (frog with microphone on gun)
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

The poster has a stylized drawing with a yellow background overall. The lower left corner has a male figure in uniform and helmet firing a small automatic weapon toward a crowd of figures at the...

untitled (prisoners bound to Chile)
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

The majority poster has pink background. At right is a stylized drawing of the country of Chile, there are a male a female figure bound to Chile at bottom and at the top there is a speaker with a...

untitled (frog with microphone at television shoot)
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

The poster has a stylized drawing with a green background overall. The upper left corner has black text in Cyrillic. The left side of the poster has a film crew with lights and a cameraman and...

ca 1993

Top third of poster has a white background bottom two thirds has a black background. The left side of the poster has text in black and white that tells a fable about a gazelle and a frog. The...

Fungus Fair 2000

Multi-color poster shows a collage of fungus illustrations on a black background. "Fungus Fair 2000" appears on the top half of the page in font shaped like various mushrooms. Other animals...

Save the Rain Forests Day '90

Multi-color poster shows a graphic of plants, frogs, lizards, and insects on a green background. Text at top center of the graphic reads, "Business for Environmental Action Presents / Save the /...

Sunset Health Food Store

Poster shows a large black circle in the center of the poster. On the black circle are tiny blue dots and the 12 astrology signs. Coming out of the bottom of the circle is a a wave of water....


Glazed ceramic sculpture in seven parts is composed of a large green frog that sits amongst oil puddles. Black glaze appears dripped from the frog's nostrils down its face. Six circular ceramic...

circa 1750-1850
circa 1800-1860

Child's linen book, with a spine stitched in yellow. Cover printed in red with a dog in a drum on the front cover, "Pussies and Puppies." Kitten and yarn on the back cover.


This quilt block was entered in the School Quilt Block Competition for students in grades K-12 in Alameda County; the deadline was March 17, 2000. This winning piece was exhibited in "Fabrications...

20th century

White cotton woven coverlet of a small size, made for a child's bed. It is an embossed weave that depicts the sayings and stories listed above in the "inscriptions." The edge of the counterpane...

Circa 1920

Haida carved wood food bowl, of oval form with upswept ends, relief-carved with two frogs on the bottom, inlaid with row of white glass beads in a coved channel inside the rim, the top edge inlaid...


Poster resembles eye chart, but instead of letters, there are animals.


A ceramic sculpture of a figure appears lying on its side in a fetal position. The surface of the figure is covered with brightly colored graphics including multiple faces, circular designs, an...


Wheel thrown ceramic bowl (A) with lid (B). Both have a dark green glaze. Lid is sculpted on top with a hippopotamus head in the center surrounded by lily pads and frogs.

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