chinese character

c. 1918

Book. Description: Chinese, twine-bound, paperback; prepared in connection with a visa case 1918.

History: found by donor and her husband in a second-hand baby carriage which they...

ca. 1969

WHAT DO YOU CALL THE OBJECT? Chinese paint brush

BECAUSE: used to paint with

THE OBJECT REPRESENTS: work and family

EXPLAIN WHY (BELIEF OR FEELING): My dad has lots of...

ca. 1850-1900

Herb cutter and table. Wooden table, hand made, with railings on three sides and one drawer and lower shelf; herb cutter is attached to the table: a large knife of forged steel hinged at the...

19th c.

Chinese tea box, unpainted wood, sliding top, legend of Chinese characters on top, 19th c.

From the History Information Station

Object: Chinese packing case, for shipping tea. The...

Paper idol card with a man on it and Chinese writing on the back. Per donor: Flat card and in color, red and black. Length 8.5cm. Width 6cm and depth 1mm. I got this card from a machine in...

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