Round 'Em Up
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has red and blue ink printed on white paper. At the top is "The Great / Aluminum / Can / Round-Up / Round ''Em Up!" with a stylized image of a cowboy on a horse lassoing running cans. At...

No Bread Without Freedom
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on off-white paper. At the top left is "No Bread Without Freedom / No Freedom Without / Bread". At the right is a black background with "The Right / To Organise, /...

High Times World Hemp Expo Extravanja

Poster has a background image of the world wrapped in a rope, set on a purple and black outer space background. At the top is "3 Days Of Hemp And Music!! / July 18, 19 & 20, 1997" in yellow...

Loving in a time of war
Late 20th century

Poster consists of a black and white image with a red and gold border on white paper. Image depicts a bird on a knot of a rope that is tying a human man's hands together. Text reads "Belfast...

Free! In The Parks
20th Century

The top of the poster has a stylized drawing of a clown with a tuba juggling several balls while riding a unicycle across a tightrope. To the right of the clown is text in red: "The San Francisco...


Poster is printed overall with a reproduction of a colored pencil drawing. The drawing shows a shirtless male figure in jeans, boots and a wide brimmed hat. The figure is holding a coiled rope in...

Roy Cooper
c. 1985

One poster with a tan/white border on three sides. Poster depicts a color image of a man on a black horse with a lasso in his mouth, throwing a rope around the calf in front of him at a rodeo....

Wolfs, Where the Manhunt Begins...and Ends
c. 1982

Poster printed with brown ink on white paper shows a drawing of a muscular man standing in an outdoor setting. The man has medium-length hair and he is wearing thigh-high boots and a one-piece...

Mujeres en Lucha

Multi-color poster shows a reproduction of an artwork on the top two-thirds of the page. The artwork shows a woman with black hair in an orange tank top raising both hands in the air to break...

Demonstration Oranienplatz 13 Uhr Danach Fest
Late 20th Century

Poster has a white background with red and black text and graphics. Main image is of a person breaking apart a rope. Poster reads, "Lieber raus auf die Strabe als heim ins Reich/ Heraus zum...

Botero: Abu Ghraib

The top of the poster has a stylized drawing of a human hand with an upturned palm bound at the wrist by a gray rope that extends up to the edge of the drawing. There are small bloody abrasions...

El Grito de Rebelde [The Shout of the Rebel]

Poster has a black and gray background. In the center is an image of man with a white blindfold on and brown rope tying him to a brown pole. The man has a red face with his mouth slightly open....


In Lange's hand, on file folder (black crayon): Howard Family

 (Living on wheels)

Unable to find matching negative. Negative probably at Resettlement Administration

Midcontinent 1)Returned from California  2.) Returned

This photograph appears on page 60 of AN AMERICAN EXODUS by Dorothea Lange and Paul Schuster Taylor, 1939. The caption on page 61 is as follows: Canadian County Oklahoma, August 1938 / Returning...

 (Ten Children)

from work print collection


Poster has a black background with a center drawing of two hands. The top hand has on a cuff with a chain attached and a lock and is holding the end of a rope. The bottom hand has a rope wrapped...

circa 1800-1860

Image shows a young man on a horse sitting under a Joshua tree. On the back is stamped "Printed by Merick Reynolds Co. 222 So. Broadway Los Angeles Cal." handwritten is "6 miles East of [...

c. 1950s-1960s

Cheong sam or qipao is white cotton plain weave, with a design of 'patches' of several different, small-scale designs with a nautical theme (ship wheels, sailboats, rope, nautical flags...


Large, white linen damask dinner napkin, with lettering reading "United States of America, Department of the Navy" in a circle around an eagle holding an anchor. Clusters of 13 stars (for the...

Alioto's No. 8
c. 1951-1956

Printed on the front of this light green matchbook: "Alioto's No 8, Sea Foods, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, Calif." surrounded by a "rope" and various sea...

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