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Sick Squaw and Medicine Man
circa 1869

"Sedgwick #581" sick squaw and medicine man. Old number Russell negative number. See donor file."Sick Squaw and Medicine Man" title per Glenn Willumson for NEA Russell Grant, July 2013 - June 2015...

58th Annual Indian Market

Poster for the 58th Annual Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with an illustration of three women with painted pottery on their heads and wearting colorful cloaks. The woman in the center has...

Maynard Dixon: Images of the Native American

Poster for a California Academy of Sciences exhibition titled "Maynard Dixon: Images of the Native American." Background in navy blue. Painting titled "The Wise Men" shows Native American men--...

Indian Riding His Pony
The New World

Poster is printed on white paper. The top half od the poster is blue with Native American designs. Over this is black text describing many inventions and merits of the native people of the...


Arkelian, Marjorie. The Kahn Collection of Nineteenth-Century Paintings by Artists in California. TOM. Loan out by Curator H. Jones 5/21/85. See Shelly Mills for details 221-4811 x 3515 on...

Dec. 9-10, 1966

This is a silkscreen print on paper that shows a portrait of a man with long dark hair wearing what appears to be a blue shirt or cape. The image is composed of four contoured sections of uniform...


Print of Indian Sunset Mag


Map. Steel engraving of Western Hemisphere, with description. In lower left hand corner is "America with those known parts in that unknowne worlde both people and manner of buildings....


wallpaper album. Description: Wallpaper album containing pencil drawings, watercolors, prints, etc., done by service men at Hospitality House in Oakland, 1941-1945. Most of the items are pencil...


This is a collection of flyers, articles and other types of political ephemera collected by Pat Cody and her husband Fred when they ran Cody Books on Telegraph Avenue in the 1960s. The majority...


A: Folder/folio of gray cardboard printed in red and blue with many Natiive American symbols, and "Pikuni and Kainah Tribes of Blackfeet Indians, Glacier National Park, Waterton Lake National Park...

April, 1947

April, 1947 issue of "Children's Activities...For Home and School...Directed Play, Moulds Character." There are several pages for children to color. There's a paper doll page "This is Long Tom"...


Poster. Description: color. Indian on horse. Printed in lower left corner: "Dixon 04 Sunset Magazine, San Francisco, California." Dimensions: 20" w; 30" l.


The photo is of the San Diego Mission and Indian School. There are two primary buildings, a long rectangular stucco building, and a european style three story house. Both are on the crest of a...

ca. 1720

Print. Description: Landing of Captain Rogers, London, ca. 1720.



The Tribune photo, dated May 10, 1976, has the following caption on the back: "INDIAN CENTER OPENS -- Indian crafts were on display Saturday at the dedication of the American Indian Center, 517...

Prayer to the Stars
c. 1909

This is an orotone photograph on glass that shows a Native American figure standing on a mound of earth who is raising his hands upward against the backdrop of a starry sky.

Untitled (Portrait of an Indian Boy)
c. 1853

1. Five photographs: a) Drawing of Albert Bender (8.875" x 7.125"). b) Martinez and Juanita Miller (7" x 9"). c) P. Peralta, Juanita Miller and Martinez (7" x 9")....

Indian of California
c. 1816
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