A man with eyeglasses and a beard that screams 1967 wears a robe and holds a cup of coffee and some unidentified pastry while other anti-draft protesters mill about nearby.


Description: A huge crowd fills the UC Berkeley football stadium for the 1949 graduation. Students are seen filing into their chairs positioned on the football field. They fill up almost the...


This is a black and white photograph of a woman in a floor-length robe standing in front of an automobile. To the left, a pair of hip boots (fishing waders) are attached to the side of the...

Youth Arts Festival

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a photo of a multicolor quilted robe. At the bottom of the image is "Youth Arts Festival" in black. The bottom edge is black with white text with...

untitled (man in robe walking up stairs)

Multicolor poster has a stylized image of a man in a robe climbing the stairs, carrying a paper with Italian text on it.

Red Afghan Dreams

Poster has a black border all around enclosing a stylized color scene with a blue and yellow Arabian structure at the center with mountains and a brown dust-ridden sky in the background and blue...

untitled (two robed men)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a black and white image of two African men standing next to each other wearing robes with object on strap over their shoulders. Man on the right is either squinting his right eye or has...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has an unprinted white border all around enclosing a black and white image of a man in a hooded rober with the word "Mississippi" and a hand print above his head. At the center of the left...

Women return to the Pentagon
c. 1981

One poster with a black and white image of a group of women with large drums with the robe of the woman in the front in red. Text on image reads "women return / to the Pentagon / to mourn / to...


From "Fine, Dolly" folder. From back of photograph: "Dolly Fine - S.F. Brothel Keeper." Written on back of photograph: "Dolly Fine." Dolly Fine is seated in front of two men. Neither man's...


From "Fine, Dolly" folder. From back of photograph: "Dolly Fine, San Francisco." Photograph of a seated woman (Dolly Fine). She wears a dark robe and a hood that covers much of her head. A...


Clipping attached to photo, "TODAY'S COVER--All that is inherent in the Christmas season- the warmth, the cheerfulness, the good fellowship-is evident on the faces of the Oakland Veterans Hospital...


Bali, Indonesia


Buddist Mai Chi Thailand.


Buddist Mai Chi Thailand.


South India


Buddist Monk

Per S.B. - Angel Candelabrum; hand built of buff stoneware; blue glaze on robe, white glaze stripe on back of robe; brown glaze on hair; brown glaze on hair. Robe is marked with circles and stars...

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