Ron Nagle

Terra Cotta/Black No. 1

Slab built terra cotta sculpture has a cylindrical form that is similar to a log. The surface is light brown with a black rectangular area covering an upward turned "branch".


Ceramic sculpture composed of a blue flat curved form with a spiral form projecting out from one side. The surface has a rough texture with the peaks lightly colored with brown near the base...


Framed silk screen depicting and image of a cup similar to 2007.39.76. Silk screen is mounted to silver colored paper and is behind glass in a black painted wooden frame.


Earthenware cup that is wheel thrown and hand built. Cup has a notch cut out extending from handle almost through to opposite side. Handle is shaped like the top of a question mark and rests on...


Glass etching of a cup that looks very much like 2007.39.76. Cup image is in lower half of glass; top section is clear. Glass sets against cream colored mat board and is inside a black painted...


Porcelain cup or bowl. Light gray/white with blue, terra cotta and green near base.


Cup sculpture made of slip cast earthenware clay with low-fire glaze and china paint. 'Cup' has a brown base, a green body and a pink jelly bean-shaped handle. It is mounted to wooden box base...

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