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About Picture This: California's Perspectives on American History is a resource for teachers and students to learn about the experiences of diverse peoples of California by using primary source images from the Oakland Museum of California's collections. Organized into eleven time periods spanning from pre-1769 to the present, more than 300 photographs, drawings, posters, and prints tell stories from the perspectives of different ethnic groups. Historical contexts are provided to offer a framework of California's role in relation to American history.

The National Archives state that primary sources, "fascinate students because they are real and they are personal: history is humanized through them." Picture This invites students to examine the historical record, encouraging them to connect history with real people and explore how images tell stories and convey historical evidence about the human experience. History becomes more than just a series of facts, dates, and events.

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Ballots, votes for Mrs. M. L. Stow. Sent to Mrs. Stow and Belva Lockwood from all parts of the United States. There are:

128 pale blue ballots, Equal Rights Ticket, with pictures and names...

c. 1947

Photograph shows the San Francisco Sea Lions baseball team- 17 players total. They are standing in a row, side-by-side, wearing their uniforms and mitts.


Handwritten on the back in pencil, "1947, Herman Charles 1B, Foy Scott, 2B, Johnny Allen, 3B, Pete Alexander Colthirst." Photograph shows four Oakland Larks baseball players posing together in...


Daguerreotypes. Two half-plate views of mining scenes in Placerville, Ca. B: Hydrolic mining - placerville. Remarks: On exhibit 19th c. Gallery 9/78 mg.

c. 1915

Father Grace [Daddy Grace] religious leader in Oakland performing a baptism at the waterfront in front of WWI barracks. The exact location on the waterfront is not known.

Charles M. (Sweet...

c. 1917

Group portrait of African-American ship builders during WWI in Richmond.


Daguerreotypes. Two half-plate views of mining scenes in Placerville, Ca. A: Uncle Bill & others at mining. Remarks: On exhibit 19th c. Gallery 9/78 mg.

c. 1900

Photogaph. Description: Group of children

(D. Curry, 10/28/99) Photograph is a group portrait, most likely a class picture, of a group of children, around age 8 or so. It is a very...


The strip of six repeating stickers is red black and white. On the top of the sticker is the UFW emblem of an Aztec Eagle, below there is a red strip with white writing that reads "BOYCOTT GRAPES...


A typed piece of paper attached to the back, "Combat troops embarking for Southeast Asia from the Bay Area Military Ocean Terminal passenger pier at the Oakland Naval Supply Center. Virtually all...

c. 1885

Chinese Girls' Presbyterian Mission Home at 933 Sacramento St. in San Francisco

c. 1965

Label attached to the foam core on the back, "Young soldiers get a last cup of stateside coffee before boarding their troop ship to South East Asia." Photo shows a group of soldiers standing...

Sketch. Description: "Fight at San Pasqual" "Naval Sketches of the War in California---Myers No -- 5" by Myers

Color repro. - Men on horses, corpses on ground


Map. Description: Map of North America by P. Mro Coronelli Venice, 1688. (Originally identified as M.V. Coronelli Venice, 1689, but later corrected so it appears as above.)

From the...

Photograph portrait of Mrs. Marietta L. Stow, showing her "Equal Rights Costume" Per Visitor Information Stations: Born in 1830, Marietta Stow graduated from Oberlin College. She began...

ca. 1846-48

Print. Description: Color print of a California Lancer. Shows man on horseback in uniform. Handwriting along the bottom of print reads "Naval sketches of the War in California" Meyers No 3"....

ca. 1900

Photograph. Description: Slide made from a line drawing depicting the entire Fort Ross settlement in its environmental surroundings. Image is bordered by a black and gold paper mat. "Made by M...


Deerskin Picture w/frame. Description: White Deerskin dance picture with wood frame. pained by "Lefty" Wild Eagle 1964. Remarks: Not for Use Storage:N.W.CA., tribe unk. (Lower Klamath River...

ca. 1915

"Warm Spring Indian - one of the capturers of the Modoc's"; "Houseworth's Celebrities, 9 & 12 Montgomery St. San Francisco."; negative also. Photographs. Description: a-j: Photographs of...

ca. 1915

"Kloochy" - Old McCloud River Indian, 80 years of age; Houseworth Photographer, 12 Montgomery St. San Francisco. Photographs. Description: a-j: Photographs of Warms Springs Indians in costume,...


Photos. Description: group scenes

a. 6 men: "The Haymakers. Sacramento, Cal June 22nd 1910"

b. 6 girls: same as above

c. 7 girls: same as above

d. group photo: "...

ca. November 3, 1942

(On back of photo) "Date 11/3/42"; (photo loction) "Tule Lake Center, Newell, Calif."; (data) "Sixth grade pupils in the classroom. Miss Mae Hart is the teacher." Photograph. Description: Shows...

ca. 1900

Photograph. Description: Portrait photograph of General Mariano G. Vallejo. A hand written, white paper label which reads: "Gen. M. G. Vallejo" is attached to the right hand margin on the back...

Oct. 19-23, 1909

Post card. Description: 3-1/2"x x5-1/2". Invitation to San Francisco's Portola Festival, Oct. 19-23, 1909. Illustration of women, one dressed ca. time of Portola, one in clothing of 1909--city...

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