tule lake

Tule Lake Pilgrimage

Poster shows a photo of a guard tower backed by a yellow/orange sky with text beneath reading "Join The 1979 Tule Lake Pilgrimage & Plaque Dedication [Asian text] May 27". In the bottom left...

Tule Lake Pilgrimage

Poster shows an abstract blue lake with a red sky. Centered in the lake is a geometrical tower. Two horizontal strands of barbed wire stretch across the lake and tower. In the red sky at the top...

Dec. 4, 1942 Japanese Internment, World War II

Painting. Description: Oil, landscape of area of camp at Tule Lake showing lake, mountains, sentry tower, birds and trees. Painted wooden frame. Signed "Joe I. Sakaishi, Dec. 4, 1942, Tule Lake...

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