Michigan Women's Music Festival

Top of poster has a reproduction of a watercolor image showing three flowers with their roots visible in the purple soil and a pink sun on the horizon. At the bottom of the poster is "Michigan...

Resistance & Renewal

Poster has brown, green and white ink printed on brown paper. At the top is green grass with webs of brown roots below. At the center is "at / the / grass / roots / resistance / & renewal /...

En Ser Ella Being She
c. 1985

Poster consists of red text on a light blue background. Image in the center depicts two female figures whose legs and arms form tree roots (yellow outline in red) against a purple/blue background...

Urban wilds
Late 20th century

Poster consists of black print on white paper. Image depicts a large tree from the roots to the leaves surrounded by the sidewalk, buildings, and cement of the city it inhabits. Text reads "Urban...

c. 1935

This is a black and white photograph of a gnarled tree stump.

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