Dust is Too Much

Filed in Lange work print file #39Q, with the following title and inscription - in Lange's hand (pencil & red pencil): DUST BOWL / FSA Exodus / See Texas / See Oklahoma and on...


Description: Twelve young, white men and women stand for the camera in front of their shack of a house in the middle of a forest. A handpainted sign reading "Love" hangs above the front door. The...

Dust Bowl (Dust Bowl Farm)
c. 1938

Filed in Lange work print file #39P, labeled: Texas (1936-1938) - see also, oversized prints


A photograph of a watercolor painting, signnd and naemd by artist as Oakland Creek, April 13, 1897. The inscription on the bottom of the photo reads "Twelfth Street Bridge Across Lake Merritt in...


From back of photo: "Hetch Hetchy cave-in. Aug 29, 1932

Construction yard. At the left side is a tall open structure made of wood. It has four vertical support beams and appears to...

July 17, 1930?

From back of photo: Cabins at Camp Mitchell, hetchy tunnel blast, July 17 -30

Photo is taken from hill looking down into Camp Mitchell, a community of approximately 20 strcutrues built...

1926 - 1928|1993

This is a black and white image of the Oakland Estuary, c. 1926-28. There are deserted shacks and delapidated piers, and boats in the impression. There are are no people or animals present.

c. 1935

This is a black and white photograph of a wooden building constructed on the end of a pier above the water. A rowboat appears in the water below the house.

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