2 Raums

Poster has a drawing in black and white of a village with a church spire poking through the smoke that is coming from the burning village. Flying over the village is a boar with wings on a cross....

Contra El Feixisme
Late 20th Century

Poster has a yellow background with black text. In the center is a drawing of three different men with their mouths open and tongues extended. Starting from the left: man with an armband with a...

Health is Freedom
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster printed with green and salmon ink on cream textured paper. "Health is Freedom" is printed at top in calligraphic font. A cross with a multi-line green and salmon border contains a circle...

Arise, Fighters of Peace! We are Coming.

Multi-color poster has an overall white background. "Arise, Fighters of Peace!" is printed at top in large black font. A graphic just below shows a Caduceus symbol with two rainbow-colored...

untitled (Martin Luther King march)

Poster depicts Martin Luther King in several speeches, rallies and significant events in his life. The top has a blue background with a United States flag highlighted with a church and a cross.

untitled (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
c. 2004

Poster is a photograph of Martin Luther King, Jr. with a cross behind his left shoulder.

RIP: The silent majority who never protested against the nuclear arms race

Poster has a red drawing on the right of a dove holding a branch. In the body area of the dove is a cross with a skull below it. The cross reads, "RIP/ The silent majority who never protested...

The Pueblo revolt of 1680

Poster has a dark blue background on the right with black Renaissance style drawings of buildings. Walking out of the dark blue area is a figure dressed in long robes resembling Jesus Christ and...

Paz [Peace]

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper with brown text and image. In the center is "Paz" in large capital lettering. Below is an image of a face with two arms reaching upward. The lower...

Home Sweet Home: Bring Them Back Alive

Poster has a top edge border of a green sky with white clouds. In the center is "Home Sweet Home" spelled out in small outlined crosses. The bottom edge has "Bring Them Back Alive" printed in...

Bring us together

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper with dark purple ink. At the top center is an outlined square with a field of crosses. Below is "Bring us together" in large lettering. The poster...

Peace on Earth
c. 1969

Poster is rectangular shaped with a neon yellow background with black text and design border. In the center is "Peace on Earth." Around in the border are various religious symbols including, a...


This black and white glossy photograph has a small border. The photo shows Walter Haneberg lieing in his hospital bed at Letterman Gnereal Hospital in San Francisco; the pullies for the traction...


Large ceramic double cross, stacked vertically. Slab-built with visible seams. Brown semi-gloss surface with tan hightlights.

No Man Can Serve Two Masters

Top edge of poster has the text: "No Man Can Serve Two Masters". Below is a drawing of a stylized nuclear mushroom cloud with a Christian cross. Below the drawing is the text: "...


Poster is printed on white paper. The poster has of drawing of the heads of two figures in helmets and uniforms. The figure on the left is in gray and his helmet and lapel have the symbol of the...

c. 1973

Poster has three black and white drawings across the center. The left drawing is a fat man in Greek Orthodox priest garb on a small tank. He is holding a cross with a dollar sign on top. The...


Poster has a black and white image of a woman standing in the center in a t-shirt that has FMLN on the front. Around her are other protestors wearing bandannas and holding signs and crosses....


Poster has an image of a girl wearing a purple and blue diamond pattern shirt holding out her hand with a red rose. In the background are hills with four blue crosses. Printed in black at the top...

c. 1980s

The image on this card looks like a type of cross. In truth, it is "connecting cables."


Handwritten on back, "Prep of week David Labrado, Mission High". Image is a portrait of Labrado.


Handwritten on back, "Rising Star DeAngelo Smith at McClymonds Day Care." Image depicts Smith, an African American student, in a day care facility next to a crib with an infant.


Handwritten on back, "Archie Gilbert & daughter Monique Belle after cross burning in Union City" Image depicts two subjects on sidewalk in front of a house, Gilbert leaning on Belle, who...


The scene is a protest at the Presidio in San Francisco. At the center of the frame is a flag-draped "coffin," sitting on top of some crowd control barriers. Behind the coffin is a female...

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