What color are you?

Poster has a black background. At the top is "what color / are you?" in white. Down the poster are six photos (three rowns/two columns) showing faces of people tinted in different, unnatural...

El Caballito Magico

Poster has white unprinted edges with a black border enclosing a brown background. In a black strip at the top is "El Caballito Magico / Film Sovietico En Colores / Direccion: Ivan Ivanov-vano" in...

untitled (colorful pattern)

Poster shows a colorful kaleidoscope-like pattern.


Top of poster has a color illustration of a green cactus with pink flowers in front of a blue sky. Below the image in pink is "Opuntia". Centered at the bottom of the poster is "the colors of...

The Colors Of California

Poster has an unprinted white border all around enclosing a sandy brown background. At the top of the poster is a stylized image of orange flowers in a bowl shaped container atop a metal stem with...


Poster has a central color image of two plants with green stems topped by blossoming flowers with pink petals at the tip and deep red closer to the stem. Above the image is "farewell-to" in green...


Top of poster has a stylized color image of a close-up view of a cluster of white flowers with green stems in front of a blue bckground, printed on white paper. Below the image is "wildflower" in...

The colors of California
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has green text at the top and a color image of pink, purple and yellow flowers with green and brown stems at the bottom of the poster, printed on white paper. At the top left is "the colors...

The colors of California
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has an unprinted white border all around followed by dark blue, light blue, and orange borders, enclosing a color illustration of a field of yellow-orange and blue flowers with green stems...

The Colors of California

Top left of poser shows a green stem with red wilted looking flowers on a black background. To the bottom right of the image is a paragraph of green text on the Scarlet Fritillary and California...

Oregon Printmakers

Poster has layered swatches of colors outlined in white. The colors include shades of red and orange, blue and purple, and metallic gold. Text at the bottom reads, "Oregon Printmakers/ At Maude...


Handwritten on front, "Lena Ramos manager of 'Fanstand' in Bayfair Mall with telephone helmet". The caption used for the picture has been pasted to the back of the image, which...


Single Channel Video installation. The viewer will see vertical bands of primary colors that appear onscreen and change in rhythm to an audio soundtrack. For instance, when a band of red color...


Mat is original


Should be hung without frame or plex cover.

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