ca. 1920's

Gauntlets. Description: one pair men's heavy duty automobile gloves, black leather, flannel lined, heavy pigskin cuffs, Ripon brand.

From the History Information Station:


Tea caddy. Description: Brass tea caddy lined with tin, octagonal. laquered, bronzed metal colored.

From the History Information Station:


This tea caddy is a fairly...

c. 1912

Dress. Description: white dress, cotton batiste or linen lawn; short sleeves, over tunic over skirt, square neckline, 21 buttons down back. Bodice and sleeves lined with net; rows of machine...


Two pieced White Duck dress. A: Is the top, with sleeves to the elbow, three bands of blue ribbon at the cuff; apron or bib-like front yoke from neckline to hem, trimmed on the sides with one...

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