counter culture


Poster has a gold colored background with red text and images. Around the edges are red swirl borders and zodiac symbols. The bottom center has a pyramid and a male figure with wings. The center...


Poster has a blue border with a yellow background. In the center are three large red flowers with blue text on each petal. Around the flowers are blue fern leaves and small red and blue flowers....


Poster has a turquoise background with a drawing of a woman with long purple and turquoise hair in the center. The woman is holding mistletoe and a peace symbol ornament under pine branches. The...


Top edge of poster has text: "Everybody get one and stick it up where it can be seen by everybody else." Below poster has ornate black and white border with leaf like shapes reminiscent of...


Poster has a bright pink background with white and orange text. In the center are two orange outlined women forming a circle. In the center of the circle is "The Psychedelic Center" in orange...


Poster has black drawing at the top of Golden Gate Park. The drawing depicts rows of trees with park benches interspersed in them. Below the drawing is "Golden Gate Park Beth van hoesen" in black...

c. 1967

Poster has a black and white photograph of a man standing in front of an opening. The man is standing in the lighted area from the opening with his face in shadow. Seen through the door opening is...


Poster has a border of orange and white. Poster depicts what appears to be a star or constellation chart, with a drawing of a male figure, a bird, and a dog or wolf. The male figure is depicted in...


Poster is printed on tractor-feed computer paper. Top edge of poster has text in orange and red: "Timothy Leary Benefit / Prometheus / Bound / Eschmus". Below is a drawing of a nude male figure (...


Top edge has: "Streetart / The Punk Poster In San Francisco" in red text. Below is an image of a human mouth and black and white stripes. The bottom left corner of the poster has as small red...

Jane Fonda in Oakland

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. At the top is "Jane Fonda / in / Oakland" followed by a photo of Fonda. Near the center is "''Julia'' / Monday, June...

The Inner Workshops: Teachings of the Ascended Masters

Poster with a list of workshops: The Control of the Human Aura, The Science of the Spoken Word, Sound: the Creative Source, The Lost Years of Jesus, Wholeness through Spiritual Healing, Karma and...

Dweeb Weed
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a black printed background with an image of a rolled joint. At the top is "Dweeb / Weed." in white. At the bottom is "Partnership for a Drug-Free America".

Drug Abuse: Escape to Nowhere

Poster has "Drug Abuse: escape to Nowhere" printed in black in the upper left corner. Below is an abstract drawing of a pink bird with a face and bones below.

Flying Saucers Are Real!
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on yellowed paper. At the top is a strip of red with "Exta! Special Bulletin" in white. To the bottom right of the text is a purple box with "Flying / Saucers / Are Real!" in white...


Poster has red and black ink printed on cream-colored paper. At the top right is "disintegrata". Down the left is a strip of a vine/leaf design. To the right of the strip is text, with the first...

American Relix

Multicolor, stylized poster is Relix take on the famous painting "American Gothic", with the male and female farmers being replaced by male and female skeletons in hippie clothing, holding a...

untitled (two figures)

Poster has purple ink printed on white paper, with a photo of a man and woman sitting on a bench outside of a campsite. Below the woman is "Genie Plamondon / Minister of Communications" and below...

Take Some More Tea
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a green background with a central red graphic design. At the top and bottom is "Take Some More Tea / And See".

This Year Give Grass

Multicolor poster has a stylized image of a stoned Santa Claus slipping down a smoking chimney. His hat reads "This Year Give Grass".

International Blunt Funk

Multicolor poster has a stylized image of a man sitting on a bathroom toilet reading a newspaper and smoking a marijuana joint. On the back of the toilet is a marijuana plant. Centered at the top...

Columbian Gold

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a black background with a color photo of a marijuana bud. Centered at the bottom is "Columbia Gold" in black.

Grateful Dead
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Multicolor poster has a stylized image of skeletons playing instruments and holding roses, with a skull with a lightning bolt in the cranial cavity at the center. At the top is "Grateful Dead" in...

Kilo Stack

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a color photo of a stack of marijuana, with two rolled joints in front. Centered at the bottom is "Kilo Stack" in black.

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