This is a print reproduction of Elisabeth-Louise Vig_e-Lebrun's painting, "Self-Portrait" (1800). A quote by Ann Chernow appears below the image.


This is a black and white lithograph after Elisabeth-Louise Vig_e-Lebrun's painting, "Self-Portrait" (1800). The print shows a mirror image of the painting's original...

The Latin American Festival Of Animation

Poster has a white background with black text. Main image is of a filmstrip centered on a frame with a pink, yellow, green, and orange background and a paintbrush and director's chair. Poster...

Endangered species
c. 1986

Poster with red, pink, green, and beige print on white paper. Image on bottom of poster depicts three human figures with skeletons visible, one is playing the saxophone, one is holding a hand full...

New York Rocknroll Festival
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster has a wide unprinted border overall. The backround of the poster is black, with a black and white drawing of a group of tall buildings at top. The top of the poster has five small, black...

Breaking the Blockade with Tools For Peace

The poster has a yellow background. The top edge of the poster has text in pink: "Breaking The Blockade / With Tools For Peace". The center of the poster has a stylized drawing of a boat on the...

Oakland Ready to Learn
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Multi-color poster printed on white paper. The page has a background that is orange on the top quarter of the page, which transitions to yellow. "Oakland Ready to Learn / Bring Me a Book...


The top of the poster has a photograph of orange and red clouds during sunset overlaid with text in white in the upper right corner: "picture / Progress / Bay Area artists uniting against...

Let's Have Peace T-shirt

Poster is printed with an image in purple and red at center. The image shows a male figure at left, he is standing arms at his sides while the child at right paints on his shirt with a large...

circa 1982

Poster has a yellow background with an image of a person standing in a white bio-hazard suit holding a painter's pallet and a paintbrush. Next to the person is "Disarmament Arts...


Handwritten on the back, "Romeo Gilardi, Hirohito." Photo shows Gilardi, a painter, painting the bottom portion of a caricature drawing of Emperor Hirohito black. The bottom of the caricature...

late 20th century to early 21st century

This is a paintbrush used by Squeak Carnwath.

late 19th century to mid 20th century

A: watercolor paintbrush (brand illegible), 7.25" x 3/8" dia.

B: Devoe & Raynolds Co. Inc. oil paint (label illegible), 3.75" x 3/4" x 0.5"

C: Devoe & Raynolds Co. Inc. oil...

ca. 1970

Table with white pitcher filled with paintbrushes to left, clock in center and white cakestand with four green pears to right. Above, hanging from hooks, are four white teacups

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